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Clemency for Terry Anderson, serving 30 years for nonviolent drug offense.

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Terry Anderson is a 53-year-old woman, who has served 20 years of a 30 year sentence in a nonviolent drug and money laundering case. She is a mother of identical twin daughters, a daughter, a sister, and a friend to many who deserves a second chance. Here’s Terry’s story in her own words:

I have been separted from my 2 twin girls since they were 12 years old. My parents have lovingly raised them, but it's been so hard on them. I see them only once every couple of months. They are now 32. They have had a hard time understanding why people who commit murder get less time than I got. It is hard to put into words how bad this has affected them. My parents have been hurt terribly too. I am their youngest child and we were always so close. I understand that I needed to be punished and that I was wrong. I just pray that I am considered worthy of mercy because I truly do understand that my behavior led to my own demise and I will never disappoint my family again by compromising myself or them when it comes to the collateral damage that accompanies drug use and/or dealing.”

Terry was really a middle person. Her involvement was far less than others in her case. But based on her husband’s testimony and her refusal to “cooperate,” she got a “kingpin” status even though she was never caught with drugs or money. The five men in her case have been in and out of prison, were caught with LOTS of money, drugs, assets, even guns, and are all out of prison today.

Terry started her 30 year sentence in 1996 with a determination to make positive changes.She began to believe for the first time in many years that she was a woman of worth and was not defined by her past which consisted of drug addiction and physical abuse. She graduated from the Change Program which helps incarcerated women rebuild their lives and became a mentor to many young women as they came into the system. Between 1997 and 2011 she completed several computer courses, a computer apprenticeship and logged 2000 hours computer clerical time. Once released, she’s prepared to work.

Terry's parents are getting older and she hopes for an opportunity to spend time with, and take care of them, before it's too late and to make up for any suffering her choices have caused the family. 

Read more about Terry's case - she is #7 on the CAN-DO Top 25.  

Please sign this petition and ask President Obama to help bring Terry Anderson home.

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