Clemency for Diana Marquez serving 30 years for POT

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August 28, 2005 like any other weekday Diana was on her way to take her two teenage children to school when she was taken into federal custody.  Diana was shocked she was being arrested, although she knew her husband was involved in illicit behavior and criminal acts, she had not played a part in the dealings.  Diana knew purchasing property with his drug money was wrong she never imagined it could land her in federal prison.  Diana took her case to trial and for that not only did they charge her for the purchase of the property, but she was also given several other charges which totaled 360 months (30 years) to federal prison. 

 Diana has served 13 years of her 30 year sentence, she has not only lost her 29 year old son but also her 23 year old son Rey and his father were kidnapped.  Rey went missing on April 2010 (23 yrs old at that time) and a couple of years later his body was dug out of a massive grave in Mexico, Identified by DNA.  While her son Esaul was inquiring about his brother whereabouts, he was shot to death in front of his girlfriend and their baby.  These unsolved homicides lead to Diana's daughter Yesenia having several episodes of psychosis due to the fact of accumulation of stress and anxiety because of the events she went through as a child, and is still to this day going through due to her mothers incarceration. 

Diana asks to be given a second chance and spend the time she does have left alive with the family that remains in her life.  Diana's words for you who read this are as followed:  "as I sit here on my bunk for the past 13 years thinking of the memories of my children, when my freedom was gone, I realized that everything lost in my life can never to be replaced.  I have found the will to continue my hope that one-day GOD will bring me home to my family". 

"The happiest days of my life were the days I had all my children home with me and I worked each day to take care of them".  "Just last year my youngest daughter Yesenia told me "Mom I long for the day you can come home,  I think of the days back when you were here, when you took care of me everyday, I want you to come home". 

"I pray every day and night to GOD that one day I will go home to my family". 

Diana has completed accounting and computer application classes which has led to skills she did not have before her incarceration.  Diana also spends daily time exercising, bible studies, knitting items for her family, mentoring younger Hispanic women and doing other tasks to better herself as a person.   To learn more about Diana Marquez and her case you can read her profile on the Can Do Clemency Top 25 deserving women page.

Diana holds on to the hope she will be given a second chance and can take care of her mother who is 85 years old and needs her home. 

Please sign Diana Marquez petition and pray the president will give her another chance at life and grant her clemency.

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