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Grandfather/Grant right to challenge Board of Nurses to transition LPN - RN

The Nursing shortage is getting worse and worse. I feel the States and the Board of Nurses should be addressing this in many areas. I heard recently that a CNA can challenge the Board of Nurses to became an LPN. I wanted to know the facts so I contacted some States Boards of Nurses (California) and verified that in fact this is truthful.

Should a LPN be able to challenge the RN’s boards? If you have a LPN with, lets says 5 years plus experience. Has gained vast knowledge of the body systems, pharmacology, assessment skills, and theory among other things through practicing their Nursing and caring for very ill patients. Why shouldn’t she or he be able to challenge the Board of Nurses to help close the gap of our nursing shortage? We as an Americans should stop Importing Registered Nurses when we have Many Quality Licensed Practical Nurses here in our Own Country.

Many of our patients are sicker and sicker theses days in the hospitals and the acuity of care is higher and higher each day. Why it is ok to have an LPN on the floor or in Telemetry units and or a variety of other areas for that matter within an acute care hospitals taking up the slack so RN's have a ratio of 2-1. While the LPN carries 6 patients and in some cases more. And this is in a hospital setting. Please do not forget that in a Skill Nursing Facility the ratio could be 25 and even 40 to 1, not counting the States that have not limit on Patient / Nurse Ratio.

Why does our legislation allow us LPN’s to provide primary care to these patients in this type of setting and deem us competent? We start our own Intravenous lines, pass our own medications, do our own NGT and GT feeding, and do our own dressing changes. Do our own pre-post operative care & procedures. Receive both incoming and outgoing patients to & from surgery. Handle our own orders T.O. doctor’s calls, and rounds. Hang our own blood, and provide patient teachings among other things.

Why it is ok for the LPN's to close this gap in the hospitals, SNF, Private Duty and not be allowed to close the gap in the nursing shortage we have by being able to challenge the Boards of Nurses so there are more RN's available to fill positions?

Why do we have to Import Nurses and then have to retrain them here in America,(many times an old time LPN is the one doing the training), wasting resources we desperately need instead of using the nurses we already have in our own country?

I have personally trained RN's as well as new grads. Some are very knowledgeable while others are not. And I find this to be true in all type of employment out there. It’s not just limited to nursing. "We are not just LPN's. We are smart valued, competent compassionate Nurses trying to provide the best care we can for our patients and their families. As our titles per the Board of Nurses say, Licensed Practical Nurse.

If the US Department of Health a Social Services would look at this and study the facts they might possibly change their minds about LPN’s challenging the RN's boards and help address our Nursing shortage with our own Nurses instead of importing them from overseas.

We petition to be grandfathered in or at least to be granted the opportunity to challenge the States Board of Nurses to transition from LPN’s to RN’s

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