Save the dogs of patiswar shelter from being abused and ill treatment

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Few days ago we got a call from an animal activist from patiswar who is complaining about some suspicious activity in a nearby dog shelter where dogs are ill treated and abused,also he mentioned that "They are selling dogs for animal testing" knowing the seriousness of the issue we had sent a team to investigate  about the complaint,but we got denied to access the shelter to investigate,the management of the shelter refused to give any basic details about shelter,they said they are only answerable to government officials ,but as per local sources and the shelter's behavior we were decided not to leave them without conforming the safety and well treatment of the dogs in shelter as it was said that the shelter may have 201 dogs with them.

so writing this petition to the local officials and animal lovers all over the world to sign,share and spread the word all over the world and get justice for the dogs in patiswar shelter

please sign and follow the petition for future updates

with love,

vanesa for SDS