Stop the Corona Virus: Close the New Zealand borders: Save the local economy

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Just hatch down for two weeks!! Let us not be slow in protecting our country and it’s people and inhabitants.  We have done great so far but that is not going to be enough if we delay any further. It may then be just too late. Let us at least protect our local economy and ensure we can move around within New Zealand without a complete shutdown.  We petition that New Zealand should close its borders for a short period of time i.e. for only two weeks immediately and review it on daily basis. Corona virus COVID 19 is declared a pandemic  by the WHO and is causing rampage in many countries and at this rate will be doing the same in New Zealand if urgent action is not taken right now. We can stop the big damage by taking a small time hit for two weeks.  By closing the borders along with steps take domestically  for a short time of only two weeks we can stop the virus from propagating in New Zealand. Many countries have taken the step to close their borders to different extents  including USA, many countries in Europe, India etc and many more are in the process of closing borders very soon.

Suggested  steps are for the short term are 

1. No flights from countries where the virus is rampant 

2. Checking and ensuring people from such areas are not able to bypass by transiting through other ports.

3.Temporary suspension of all visas issued for entry into New Zealand including permanent residence.

4. Mandatory negative test result on anyone who under special circumstances  is travelling to New Zealand ( our own citizens)

5. Mandatory two week isolation for anyone travelling into New Zealand

6. Closing schools and other work places etc to prevent spread if already propagating in New Zealand. Ensuring all vital supplies, food, hospitals , medical etc are available. 

7. Work with other countries closely to ensure this virus is stopped dead in its track.