Want to stop child labour in india as well as in world. It's snatching his/her childhood.

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Child labour should be stopped immediately in india as well as from world. Its a global concerns. It's mentally torturing the child. Freedom  liberty  dignity  childhood is the natural rights of every child. Here is india most of the child work publically and nobody botgers to stop them. Its a common practice here. Its very hard for child to live life happily. He has to get 4-5 am and to work for entire day till 9-10 pm or sometimes oe many times 12 am. Their life become hell as moat of them are poor and don't have option to go otherwise. They are exploited by people so badly even their salary is too low as low as Rs50 or less in a day. So they are suffering  this can lead to his health problem and started other thichgs which can harm him in future like smoking, drug etc. The child labours are so much suffering here that govt of india also made laws on this but not properly monitored by the respective authorities and also not monitered efficiently so the child labour are main victims. Actually child labour is snatching the fundamental right  natural right of a child that retraining him or snatching or making him from enjoying the best of his/her overall life precious time  i.e childhood. I guess we people come together to give them a better world and make them a part of our family as they are much poors and some are orphans.