Secure Online Digital Transactions

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This petition is to ensure digital transactions are more secure and fraudulent activities are prevented. 

I have heard from many of my friends and relatives falling prey to fraudulent online transactions losing thousands of rupees because they were not aware that they shouldn’t share their OTP passwords with anyone. I have a simple suggestion to Banks and Finance Organizations including Aadhar OTP verifications.

Along with the OTP that is shared for any transaction, the transaction should also provide the reason why the OTP is generated. For example, this OTP is to validate and authorize the transaction done for Rs. 1000 at <Location> and for <Organization/Entity>.

This will ensure that the owner of the card or bank account holder knows why the OTP has been generated and only when it is authorized the OTP is shared. The same can be done for Aadhar online verifications. This will make online transactions more secure. 

The petition is to request RBI and UIDAI to make this a regulation so the NBFC,  Banking industry and organizations using Aadhar for verification follow this template for OTP messages.