SOS to Stop Orca Suffering!

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For the past 2 years Washington Governor Jay Inslee established a SRKW Task Force to try to save the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales. They presently number only 73! The Orca Task Force Final Report and Recommendations was released on November 8th.

The Task Force recognized that vessel traffic and noise is one of three major threats (the others include lack of food and pollution). The US and Canada have taken protective actions such as increased distances from orcas and No Go Zones for commercial and private boat operators. However, the Task Force took no action to reduce the life and death threat of research vessel traffic!

Research Traffic can further endanger the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs). Over 15 years of continuous experiments on them have not saved them! And even the marine circuses, that started captivity and decimated them, are now planning more experiments and “extreme veterinary intervention”!  “Researchers” continue multi-year experiments that include the SRKWs, other orca ecotypes and Humpbacks.

The Research Industry’s Ivory Tower is basically an in house, peer review system. In spite of this, cosmetic testing and other experiments on animals are being phased out by governments and industries. The Research Industry’s outdated biases and control must end! Less experiments and more humane, modern alternatives must be enforced! Or the SRKWs may not survive!

Please Take the Following Actions:

1. Implement Guiding Principles such as the Three Rs to Refine, Reduce and Replace Experiments on the SRKWs and others. Immediately define and implement a moratorium on the harmful, invasive research that includes over 15 years of failed experiments!

2. The Task Force “Blue Strategy” for vessel companies and industries must include the lucrative research industries that contribute to the marine traffic threats to orcas.

3. The Task Force “Implement and Accountability” research must be green energy development! End the darting and tracking of orcas for harmful noise impact experiments and other needless experiments!

4. Funding to state agencies for “research” must not permit harmful experiments on orcas and other species! The Washington State Level Strategy for reducing vessel impacts must include research vessel traffic. This would include the Aquarium Industry that had also decimated the SRKWs. They are also responsible for the present plight of SRKWS caused by the earlier captures of a whole generation of young orcas. That created an abnormal age and sex imbalance that has long term impacts.

5. Protect SRKWs by banning captures and captivity! In 2018 NOAA, Sea World and Vancouver Aquarium supported plans to capture ailing J50! Abducting them from family and is tantamount to animal cruelty!

6. Stop the issuance of Federal government permits for the “Taking of Endangered and Threatened Species”. This includes any “take” (harass, hunt, capture or kill) of an endangered or threatened species incidental to the research.

At least 1 SRKW has died from an infection from a tracking dart in 2016. At least 1 Transient orca (T90) has a 4” barb dart still lodged in her. While many orcas show ongoing wounds it also includes the Humpback “Titan” with a large scar hole from a “satellite tag”. The pain and suffering must end!  

7. Create an Orca Committee to protect endangered orcas from the "publish or perish" peer review research industry that is getting lucrative grants from our tax monies etc. Determine ways to establish an unbiased, public review for implementing the 3 Rs.

8. Take all actions that have immediate benefits to SRKWS by enacting the Emergency Orders under the Canadian Species at Risk Act and US laws.

SOS: You Can Help Stop Orca Suffering!

Orcas must not be studied to death by cumulative experiments!

This has been part of the problems NOT the solutions!

It is Time to Protect Orca Rights!

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