Governor-General, please dismiss this incompetent Prime Minister who denies climate change

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We call upon the Governor-General, The Honorable General David Hurley, to dismiss this incompetent Prime Minister who has ignored imminent threats of climate catastrophe.

This year 11 000 scientists worldwide warned that climate change due to human activity poses a catastrophic threat to human existence, and that the rate of change is accelerating. Most Australians are in no doubt that we are in the midst of a climate emergency. We have drought-ravaged farmland, rainforests ablaze, dead waterways, terrible loss of wildlife, burnt homes and lost lives. And this is just the start of a long hot summer. Firefighters have described the ferocity of fires as "unprecedented'. Yet our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison continues to dismiss concerns about climate change.

Scott Morrison has repeatedly refused to acknowledge scientific evidence, preferring instead to make decisions for our country on the basis of his own personal ill-informed beliefs. Despite the serious air pollution in our cities, he continues to advocate for use of fossil fuels. He has refused to meet with retired Fire Chiefs to heed their wise warnings. Instead of representing Australia at the United Nations Climate Summit in September, he prioritised a chat about space travel with President Donald Trump. Earlier this year, he ignored pleas of our South Sea Island neighbours whose homes are threatened by rising sea levels. By failing to grasp the serious nature of the threats upon us, Scott Morrison has left all Australians, our wildlife and environment exposed to ever increasing threat.

Governor-General, these are critical times for Australia and the world. We need a leader who makes decisions based on scientific facts, not his own misguided beliefs. We need someone who can respond appropriately to the serious events unfolding by taking decisive actions to address the current dangers and reduce future threats. Scott Morrison is clearly unfit for this job. Please use your discretionary powers to dismiss this incompetent Prime Minister and his out-of-touch cabinet. Whatever government is elected will be responsible for working with Australians and other countries to reduce carbon emissions and hopefully slow climate warming and avert impending disaster.