Conn. Child Advocate Sarah Eagan Must Resign

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Child Advocate Sarah Eagan has misused her statutory power and mishandled her legal duties by targeting innocent Homeschool children and families instead of focusing on State employees who have put children’s lives and wellbeing at risk. On May 8, 2018, CT Schools began receiving subpoenas from Eagan. These draconian demands are meant to harass, intimidate and unlawfully monitor law-abiding families who exercised their constitutional right to withdraw from the State’s tax-funded Education System. This broad abuse of power violates children’s privacy, puts local schools at risk and infringes on parents’ natural rights (i.e. their God-given rights) and their 4th Amendment privacy rights. These subpoenas have no justification, probable cause or due process.

6 Years after the Sandy Hook Massacre, the Child Advocate failed to properly investigate the State school system. She failed to propose laws for real security measures that would prevent former students (such as Adam Lanza who had violent obsessions from fifth grade on) from targeting innocent children. While Eagan criticized DCF for "staggering failures" she herself took no responsibility for the death of 17-year-old Matthew Tirado who was failed by the very State system he was enrolled in and which Eagan was paid by taxpayers to monitor and hold accountable. Yet, instead of doubling-down to carry out her office (OCA) duties, Eagan found a political scapegoat (outside the system) in homeschooled children and families. These are easier targets for Eagan than realistically addressing her derelictions of duty when they come to the horrors of the foster care system, DCF detention practices, abused children enrolled in schools and the disenfranchisement of vulnerable kids who are autistic or disabled.

Eagan deceitfully used a report from her office to insist that homeschool children need to be regulated and monitored. The report cited in the legislative forum in late April 2018 did not use scientific data but cherry-picked data which insisted (without any substantiation or criminal charges) that homeschool children pulled from state schools were at risk of "abuse" or "neglect". Yet none of those children were removed by DCF, the police or the courts. Eagan's desperate attempt to find supporting data and proof was much ado about nothing. Her attempt to coax the Connecticut homeschool community into a "dialogue" was a bust. It is clear that Eagan's only interest is to push for legislative action in the very near future to regulate, monitor and tag law-abiding families enjoying the full exercise of their constitutional and fundamental rights. She wants to abrogate these rights without due process, or equal protection under the law, or the cherished protections of the Fourth Amendment, which the U.S. Supreme Court just re-affirmed on May 14, 2018 in Byrd v. United States

There is no doubt that Eagan is going against the spirit of the law that created her office. She is obsessed with regulating and parenting children who are neither hers nor receive any educational services from the State. Yet, Eagan's duplicitous use of her legislative connections, her undue influence on the Committee on Children, and her limited subpoena powers, also indicate that she is stepping well outside her statutory authority to harass Connecticut residents who disagree with her power and her politics. Eagan is an appointment of Governor Dannel P. Malloy and as such she reflects the goals and desires of his troubled administration. Will Malloy's pick be allowed to target homeschool children and families?

Eagan must resign. 

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