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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
NYS Parks Commissioner Erik Kulleseid,

Without action, MARSHA P. JOHNSON PARK WILL BE COVERED WITH AN ACRE OF PLASTIC...the current permeable pathways in black asphalt...enormous plastic and foam board flowers will block sight lines and river views! 

The North Brooklyn community was given just two days advance presentation of the design and notice of park closure. According to the governor's press release, the LGBTQ community "will be consulted" on the design… but it had already been designed!! 

Why not REAL flowers?? In a park!! Wouldn't that be a better tribute to Marsha P. Johnson?!

Construction of the Marsha P. Johnson State Park in Brooklyn, NY must be immediately halted and the park design must be opened to input from representatives of the LGBTQ+ and North Brooklyn communities.

While we celebrate the naming of the park to honor Marsha P. Johnson, the design calls for more than an acre of plastic-coated concrete, asphalt replacing the soft paths, and 8-foot-tall foam core flowers blocking views of the river. Rather than using harsh thermoplastic colors and extended cement slabs, the spirit of Marsha P. Johnson should be celebrated with natural flowers and landscaping. Marsha P. Johnson was known to spend her last dollar to buy flowers to lift her spirits. With real flowers and other natural elements, we can bring the peace and beauty she craved to heal and support all who use this historic and beloved park. 

The impacts of climate change, storm surge, sea level rise and our combined sewage system must be addressed in any design along the North Brooklyn waterfront. Millions spent on infra-structure to mitigate runoff is not the answer. Non-permeable plastic and asphalt surfaces violate the principles of best environmental practices and alter the historic nature of this waterfront park which the North Brooklyn community fought so hard to create. 

We are calling on the Governor and NYS Parks to halt construction immediately and reimagine this park design with robust input from the LGBTQ+ and North Brooklyn communities. This design must offer the essential experience of nature we seek from our parks, preserve the historic fabric of its unique location, address climate change and environmental factors, and truly celebrate the beauty and spirit of Marsha P. Johnson.

Communities design the best parks. Give us the opportunity to help create the best possible redesign for this large tax-payer supported park renovation.