Wearing face masks in public should be made mandatory by government to prevent COVID-19

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A:  Only sick person needs to wear a mask!
U:  Do you have sex with condoms? ….
A:  Yes of course I do!
U:  Oh! Do you have STDS or AIDS?
A:  No! wtf?
U:  You’re not sick why do you need condoms?
A:  …..
Don’t misunderstand of wearing the mask

In order to protect us from the COVID-19, I strongly suggest everyone in western countries wear face masks and get rid of your stereotypes of ‘wearing masks ONLY when you are sick’. PLUS stop discriminating against those who wear face masks.
As the droplet transmission is one of the major spreading ways for coronavirus, people can easily be infected by others if they don't wear face-masks. The virus can be taken by the droplet from a person when he/she is speaking, coughing or sneezing and fly into others' noses or mouths. Also the droplet can be transmitted through the air for putting others at risk during the coronavirus outbreak. Wearing a face-mask is the most effective and essential way to protect everyone from coronavirus infection.
The incubation period of the virus is up to 14 days and which is also asymptomatic, so you would NEVER tell who is already infected within 14 days. So how could you prevent the Coronavirus? Can you always keep 3metres distance from anyone when you are meeting your friends or even when you are in public like supermarket? Thus I do suggest everyone wear masks at all times and everywhere no matter whether you are sick or not.

As you all know, Asian countries like China, South Korea, Hongkong, Singapore have succeeded in controlling the virus spread drastically, and the important solution was that everyone had to wear masks. In most of Asian countries, you can't go into the public area without wearing masks, which is also regulated by the law. However, some governments in the world like USA and Australia discourage or even prohibit people to wear face-masks, which is undoubtedly increasing the potential risk of a virus outbreak.
I truly understand if it may sound unacceptable for the most westerners because of cultural differences, BUT everyone needs to get over the cultural differences at this serious stage before it is getting too late. One only needs to look at how the Asian countries have reduced the risk of infection. Contrast, instead, how infection is spreading in mask shaming countries out here in the west. Again, I am here just wanting to help everyone be aware of the IMPORTANCE of wearing masks.
Many people have been asking me about a scarcity of resources; PLEASE ask government to solve this problem, because governments in Asian countries can provide masks to everyone. Hence I strongly believe that government could do more to support masks to everyone.
The purpose of my writing is out of concern for everyone’s health, I hope everyone in the world can stay healthy and overcome this disaster.
To everyone, it’s time to wake up! Do wear face-masks no matter whether you feel well or not!


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