Stop the endless suffering of animals at Murghazar Zoo!

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What a pity it is to see the voiceless creatures at Murghazar Zoo living in pathetic conditions and being starved to death! The staff's extremely irresponsible attitude already took the life of a few animals there. These creatures are not only being starved but are living under extremely unhealthy and unhygienic conditions, which results in their illness, and later on, death. The staff claims to provide good quality veterinary services, but unfortunately, the sight of their poor living conditions does not support what the staff says.

As the plight of these animals cannot be ignored, it is extremely important that government spends more budget for pitiful creatures who cannot speak for themselves. Moreover, a proper check should be kept on the concerned department, which seems to be extremely corrupt! If these steps cannot be taken, the zoo should be closed down and animals should be released into the wild. 

If serious steps to protect them are not taken, the results could be extremely horrifying! Loosing them day by day just due to carelessness and insensitivity of the government, would extremely be a sorrow. Please readers, raise your voice to end their pain, since they cannot speak or cry for themselves!