Stop Shark finning

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Shark finning is the act of removing the sharks fin and disregarding the rest of the body, leaving the sharks unable to swim properly, eventually sinking the bottom of the ocean and die due to suffocation and or getting eaten. Shark finning is usually unmonitored and unethical and results in millions of sharks deaths. Shark finning is a multi-billion dollar industry, selling 1 pound of dried shark fin can go for $300. Most sharks are considered to be apex predators, which means they sit on top of the food chain and help regulate the population sizes of the species below them. If some population sizes grow uncontrollably, this can lead to ecosystem instability and overpopulation of certain species. The scalloped hammerhead and the smoothed hammerhead sharks are an endangered species partially because of shark finning. What are the shark fins used for? The fins are used for shark fin soup, an East Asian dish associated with wealth and festivity. People are celebrating this practice of cutting of a fin of a shark. What can we do to help? We can advocate for stricter laws on selling shark fins, and we can also educate people on this world issue to help bring it to an end. If we band together and protest this issue, we together can stop shark finning and bring it to an end at once.