#YouthFriendlyReforms #YouthQuotaZim Campaign

#YouthFriendlyReforms #YouthQuotaZim Campaign

3 March 2020
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Why this petition matters


Last December The Government of Zimbabwe gazetted the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2019, which proposed 27 amendments to the 2013 Constitution. The proposed 27 amendments to the Constitution are not proper as the government has proposed them without consultations from the citizens and have negative implications on democracy and good governance. Furthermore, these amendments propose a 10 seat quota system for youth which youth in Zimbabwe vehemently reject unless it is shaped by the desires of youth through consultations. Youth also call for youth friendly electoral and constitutional reforms to compliment the quota system. The reforms are seen as a sustainable alternative to youth inclusion in public office than just a quota system alone.

The key demands for reforms include:

1. The age for running for public office must be reduced from 21 years to 18 years. If youth can vote at age 18 they should run at age 18. 

2. Political parties must be obliged to ensure that they forward 50% youth (aged 18-35) as candidates during elections as a general rule for the parties to be eligible to contest.

3. Political parties must ensure that of the 50% youth (aged 18-35) who are forwarded as candidates during elections, at least half of that must constitute young women  as a general rule parties to be eligible to contest.

4. Specific budget caps on how much is spend during election campaigns must be put in place and this must apply universally to all candidates.

5. The age to contest for President, appointment of senators and commissioners must be lowered from 40 to 18 years to make it youth inclusive.

7. The required years of experience to access senior positions in public office must be lowered to 18 years  and all positions in public office must be accessible by the time anyone turns 18.

8. Vote-buying must be clearly defined in all its forms and criminalized.

9. Section 20 of the constitution should be enshrined as “Rights for the youth”.

10. Affirmative action must be made to ensure a 50-50% representation of youth in all forms of public office.


The key demands on the youth quota:

1. The youth quota must be age specific, that is to say only youth within the constitutional definition of youth (18-35 years) must have access to public office through the youth quota. Through out the term of service under the youth quota, the young person must be within the 18-35 age range. 

2. An elective quota system that reserves space were youth can run against youth  and be elected to represent  by other youth must be put in place, as opposed to a system of appointment.

3. The youth quota systems should not be restricted to political parties but must be open to independent candidates.

4. The youth quota must be gender sensitive and ensure that young women and young men have an equal representation of 50-50% through the youth quota.

5. The youth quota system must be enforced from a grassroots level to national parliament and in all forms of public office including Parastatal boards, Commissions, Councils, Ward Development Committees, Village Development Committees and all forms of public office.

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Signatures: 841Next Goal: 1,000
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