Important Core Funding Required for Continued NWT SPCA Operations

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The NWT SPCA is the only animal welfare organization in the Northwest Territories dedicated to all 33, mostly isolated  communities. This is a land area of 1,144,000 km2 . Our shelter is located in Yellowknife. Our group is volunteer based, striving to protect and improve the quality of life for all domestic animals in the Northwest Territories. We are a non-profit organization run on public donations and fundraising without the help of any Government core-funding.  Each year we see over 800 animals, mostly dogs, come through our doors. Most are sent in by community governments and Bands that ask for and depend on our help.  Some communities in the NWT have chosen to stop shooting dogs and will send them into our shelter. Though this a major positive change it is also a giant financial strain on the shelter. We employ up to 15 staff to look after the animals medical and basic needs. All animals are in need of vaccines, spay and neuter, daily care and rehabilitation. Some cases are more severe and need emergency surgeries and medication.

The struggle to operate the organization is immense and would be improved significantly if dedicated funding was provided by the GNWT. With little or no vet care available, most communities are over-run with unwanted dogs and lack the resources to do much. This in turn leads to safety issues, much suffering by the animals and emotional harm to the residents of the communities.

Focusing on the health and wellbeing of the Territories domestic animals, the NWT SPCA runs lifesaving in-Community Spay/Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinics for companion animals throughout the entire Territory. Education initiatives and pet food drives, adoptions and dog transfers are just a few programs in place to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals roaming the communities. These programs are improving the welfare of our Northern pets and the community they live in. All of this is provided by us from funds we raise.

The NWT SPCA believes in taking a positive and collaborative approach to saving lives and helping the north understand and appreciate the value of northern companion animals in today's society. With tenacity, integrity and willingness to take on the many challenges, together with our volunteers, staff, and on-the-ground network of partners in each community, we will make a positive long lasting impact. The generosity of our supporters is amazing but limited. This important and humane work with the NWT communities will not be possible without ongoing financial help from Government.