Save the Future of Innocent Students in Government Colleges of Bassi and Jamwa Ramgarh

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Earlier this academic year, the Government of Rajasthan, announced introduction of Philosophy as a subject at UG level in three Government Colleges of Jaipur, namely, the Government Colleges at Bassi, Jamwa Ramgarh and Chaksu.
At Government College Bassi, as many as 180 students took admission in B.A. first year with Philosophy as a subject, in the current academic session. Similarly at Government College Jamwa Ramgarh, significant number of students opted for Philosophy. Also a very senior and serious Philosophy Professor from Bharatpur was transferred to Government College, Bassi.

However recently announcement was made that Philosophy is being removed as a subject, from Government Colleges at Bassi and Jamwa Ramgarh in the mid-session, without assigning any proper reason. Enrollment of a high number of 180 students shows that there is a popular demand for the subject. Government has removed the subject arbitrarily and this seriously threatens the academic future of innocent students.
I request the government and concerned authorities to kindly treat the issue with gravity and intervene in the matter as removal of any subject in mid-session shall be highly problematic for the students.

As the mother of all disciplines, as a discipline which educates about our traditional culture, traditional texts, value system, logical skills, Philosophy education is a pre-requisite of the present day higher education system in our country. It may be worthwhile to mention that a compulsory basic introduction of Philosophy, is part of curriculum in almost every institute of eminence, such as IITs and IIMs; in form of various courses on Ethics, Business Ethics, Logical Reasoning, which are all part of Philosophy. In reputed universities of developed nations, Philosophy Education is high in currency. In contemporary times Philosophy Education is more earnestly required, when there is a need to readdress questions of human values and questions that concern human life. Thus Philosophy Education is a must at Secondary and Tertiary levels, in India.

I request people to support us and sign this petition so that we can save the future of students at the concerned colleges and save a subject which teaches us about our rich intellectual tradition and helps in shaping informed individuals.