Reopening PEI... Move hairstylists/barbers to Stage 3.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!

With things starting to open back up on PEI, I'm left to wonder how hairstylist are stage 2.

I've heard concerns from many other stylists on the island. People are questioning why, if in phase 2, "Businesses open to the public must take every reasonable step to minimize interaction of individuals within 2 metres", but we are expected to return to a profession where we have to actually TOUCH people to perform our job.

Restaurant dining rooms, yoga studios, campgrounds, art galleries... All stage 3, even though social distancing would be much easier in ANY of these environments than in a hair salon.

As a stylist and nail tech, I personally would be more comfortable doing nails than hair. At least then I could have a clear divider between myself and my client with a space for their hands to come through.

I think hair needs to be moved to stage 3 with the rest of the beauty services, and I'm starting this petition to see how many stylists/barbers agree.

Maybe if we get enough signatures, they may consider it.