Make fundamental rights education mandatory from the primary levels.

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Human beings are born free but are encountering a number of issues that eventually snatch their freedom and make them slaves. The worst form of slavery is the inability of people to think independently and rationally. This kind of slavery grows when people stop demanding their rights and the phenomenon happens due to the lack of awareness.  A nation can never become prosperous till basic rights for its citizens are ensured. A number of efforts have been made both at national and international levels to provide and protect fundamental human rights. Therefore, the main purpose of this petition is that government should make new education policies which will include the education regarding fundamental human rights from article 8 to article 28 of the constitution of Pakistan 1973 and we must began to provide our youngsters the rightful awareness regarding their fundamental human rights. It is highly essential to aware people about their fundamental rights as many people doesn’t know their basic rights. when the kids will get educated from the very basic stages, they will grow and ask questions about their rights which are often snatched from many citizens due to have lack of knowledge about their own basic rights. This will bring balance in the society and the powerful elites might reconsider about the consequences before imposing any restrictions on anyone's fundamental rights.