Justice for crow tortured and killed in Mithi-Diplo

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A crow was tortured and killed in PS 57- Mithi-Diplo Tharparkar, sindh a few days back. He was killed to celebrate the victory of PPP Arbab Lutfullah, against GDA-Arbab Ghulam Rahim.

This year's elections have led to the torture and death of multiple animals and birds around the country. These sadists harm animals if they win or loose. We want the government of Pakistan and Sindh to recognize these violations of animal rights, and prosecute those who murder/torture animals.

Pakistan as a developing nation needs to actively support and protect animal rights. We want the government to pass laws which better protect the rights of animals. We also want to make a database of all criminals who harm animals, these people, young or old, need to be watched because only psychopaths and sadists carry out such activities. People who lack compassion and empathy are the reason why we see a high rate of crime. These sadists are the same people who kill and rape our women, men and children. 

Please let justice prevails. Every living being has as much right to this planet as us, and they all have rights to their lives. This barbaric culture of animal cruelty needs to stop!