Govt of Pakistan to investigate this incident, punish all those involved in Animal abuse

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Donkeys, dogs, tigers, lions, wild boars are the unfortunate targets of often extreme abuse in Pakistan's rallies and protests and during Elections.

"A particularly disturbing instance of animal cruelty also came to light in discussion under the #GE2018 hashtag. Several Twitter users have shared images of a donkey who was severely beaten up after some unidentified assailants wrote ‘Nawaz’ on his abdomen. Coming in the wake of PTI chairman Imran Khan’s use of the term ‘gadha’ (urdu term for donkey) for PML-N supporters, it seemed apparent to many Twitter users that those responsible for the animal’s misery must be supporters of the PTI."

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After the incident of the Donkey and now - today 27th July 2018, another video went viral on social media where a dog is seen covered with a flag of a political party Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf - "PTI" and a person shot 3 bullets in the head of dog to show his anger on the PTI for winning the General Election 2018 held on 25th July 2018.

Incident of killing a doney during #GE2018 :

We request all concern authorities in the Government of Pakistan, to take strict action against all those people involved in Animal Abuse and Implement Animal Abuse Law.

Kindly this petition and be part of the Change for the protection of Animal rights in Pakistan.