Ban single use plastic in food deliveries

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Single use plastic is harmful for the environment. It is light weighted hence it can travel far away without us even realising it. It takes more than 1000 years for plastic to degrade. Most of our plastic ends up in landfills, our oceans and our environment. Plastic doesn’t degrade but it breaks down into smaller pieces.


Animals in the ocean often mistake plastic for jelly fish and can suffocate to death on our garbage because we aren’t responsible with our waste management. Various kinds of animals can be harmed with plastic pollution. More than 100,000 whales, seals and turtles die per year due to plastic pollution in the ocean.


Plastic is also flammable. Often people burn their trash but that releases toxins into the air and is bad for our health as well as the environment. We do not like seeing trash everywhere on the streets or around our homes and neither does the marine life. We are bringing our world into theres which is unacceptable.


250 million tons of garbage in Pakistan includes plastic bags, pet bottles and food scraps. More than half of this waste ends up on water bodies. Plastic is not only harmful to the environment and wildlife but us too. There are many health hazards caused by single use plastic.


With most of Pakistan being uneducated and the rate of poverty, we are also harming what some people call their homes. As of this reason they are also not aware of the side effects and troubles caused by one plastic bag/utensil/straw etc.


As higher privileged girls of Pakistan, it is our duty to bring a change and educate people, for us, for the future generations, for everyone around us, for the wildlife and for the environment. It’s time we start somewhere. 


During the lockdown every family has been ordering food constantly almost everyday. Sign our petition and bring us one step closer to banning single use plastic in restaurants and food deliveries for the betterment of everyone. There are many other alternatives to plastic that can be used for the same purpose. Help us reduce the plastic usage in Pakistan and hope for a greener environment and country. 


Fighting against climate change is something both of us are very passionate about. We are students at Haque Academy and have an instagram account where we use that platform to raise awareness and contribute in bringing a change (@pollutionpatrol_). Being part of Gen Z is truly more than a blessing. We would like to bring a change into this world and it starts within us.