Ensure Proper Treatment to Animals

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Study concludes that a person who has committed animal abuse is: 5 times more likely to commit violence against people. 4 times more likely to commit property crimes. 3 times more likely to be involved in drunken or disorderly offenses- so if any of those three things are important to you, we must stop these abusers.

If people as well as the authorities start paying more attention to those who are mistreating animals,  a change could be brought.

The animals whose abuse is most often reported are dogs, cats, horses and livestock. Lots of cases of abuse go unreported. Some domesticated animals are used by people just for human pleasure and are neglected.

People partake in cockfighting and dog-fighting for their own entertainment, and most of the times it doesn't end well; not only for the animal but also sometimes for the people who take part in such events.

Animal abuse is going on for ages in the world, and has worsened in the recent years. This needs to stop. Are we as humans so greedy and so insecure that we need to abuse our power over animals?