The resignation of Dr. Jim Chirico

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Dr. Jim Chirico has been questioned by mayors, councillors, and everyday people from all over the North Bay/Parry Sound health district, and the people of Ontario, over his decision to close down snowmobile trails, tobogganing hills, and outdoor skating rinks. Meanwhile covid cases across the province are dropping considerably, children are going back to school, and other health regions are enjoying an as close to normal winter with their outdoor activities remaining largely unrestricted, with social distancing protocols in place. Dr. Jim Chirico has gone against the grain of the entire province  and health regions of Ontario. He has gone against the acceptable outdoor activity guidelines slated by the province of Ontario, and he continues to ignore all reason and common sense, even after a petition to rescind his decision was circulated, which accumulated over 6500 signatures, and a Bay Today poll was circulated as well, with over 2000 participants which found that 75% of participants were opposed to his restrictions.  Dr. Jim Chirico is ruining small businesses, people’s livelihoods, and people’s mental health across his entire health district with total disregard for the side effects that his decision has caused. Dr. Jim Chirico has  proven that he is unable to look at the big picture, and is therefore unfit to do his job. Please do the right thing Dr. Jim Chirico. Please resign so that someone fit for your job can run your health district properly.