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Petitioning Minister of Health & MPP London North Centre Deb Matthews and 2 others

Government of Ontario & Ontario Health Insurance Plan: Fund ongoing out of country treatment for Mackenzie Graham with bilateral PFVS/Norrie Disease

The Ontario Health System has failed infant Mackenzie Graham of Whitby, Ontario. By refusing to provide the funding necessary to receive treatment from true experts in pediatric ophthalmology who specialize in bilateral PFVS/Norrie Disease. Due to his genetic condition and the possibility of other future complications such as hearing loss or intellectual deficits, we need to maximize any usable vision that we are able to get. Despite two other children in Ontario with the same condition being funded for their out of country treatments, the Graham family is still fighting OHIP for equal medical care. It is absolutely necessary for him to be treated by specialists with the expertise he requires.

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  • Minister of Health & MPP London North Centre
    Deb Matthews
  • Premier of Ontario, MPP Don Valley West
    Kathleen Wynne
  • Premier of Ontario
    Kathleen Wynne

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