Allow Ontario Cannabis Retailers to offer Curbside Pick-up & Delivery Services

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Ontario has implemented legislative changes that allow all retailers to offer curbside pickup and residential delivery services, EXCEPT privately owned cannabis retail stores. The Ontario Government has changed regulations to allow alcohol to be included in home deliveries from restaurants but DOES NOT ALLOW privately owned cannabis retail stores to deliver cannabis products. 

If you want to purchase cannabis products from a local retailer, your only option is to visit the store in-person to purchase and/or pick up your products. Who can deliver cannabis products right now? Illegal operators and the Government-owned Ontario Cannabis Store. 

ALL retail businesses in Ontario should be treated the same. 

The goal of legalized cannabis is to offer safe, controlled access to cannabis products while ensuring public health and safety. Ontario residents should be allowed to purchase the cannabis products they want in a way that is SAFE, COMFORTABLE, and ACCESSIBLE to them, especially during this public health crisis. 

The Government of Ontario needs to treat ALL businesses equally and fairly. We need to work together to eliminate illegal cannabis sales and ensure the continued safety of customers and staff. 

Our customers are put at risk. Our staff are put at risk. As responsible employers, we implore the Government to act now and put public health and safety first!

“We call on the Ontario Government to immediately amend any relevant legislation, allowing privately owned cannabis retail stores to offer online sales, residential delivery and curbside pick-up services on a permanent basis.”