Gov. of Nunavut: Provide Funding for Childcare Centres during Mandated COVID Closures

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Please help us spread the word that federal relief measures alone are not enough to keep Nunavut’s childcare centres afloat during these difficult times.

Federal relief measures like the CEWS and CERB are unfortunately just not enough to save ELCC in Nunavut.

To receive the CERB, a full-time employee must be laid off and prove that they have not or will not earn any money for a four week period. Even then, the CERB only provides $2,000 a month— and a portion of it must be set aside to pay back in taxes later on. 

The CEWS cannot be combined with the CERB and can only provide funding for up to 75% of staff wages. It will not cover the cost of a centre’s rent, bills, utilities or staff wages. Childcare workers and early childhood educators (ECEs) across Canada are predominantly women and are historically low-paid workers. Here in the North, receiving only 75% of an already low salary that does not provide Northern Allowance would be devastating. 

If childcare workers and ECEs are laid off or can only receive up to 75% of their wages from the CEWS, chances are that they will leave the childcare field and choose to find a different job. 

In Nunavut, it is extremely difficult to find, hire and retain ECEs. Many childcare centres have faced extreme staff shortages in the past that have caused closures. What if Nunavut lost all of its ECEs and childcare workers? What if childcare centres could not pay their rent, bills and utilities? Mass and potentially permanent closures. 

All licensed childcare centres in Nunavut have been closed since March 16th, 2020. Many Provinces have chosen to pay parent fees to childcare centres to help them pay their rent, bills, utilities and staff—Nunavut stopped providing this help on April 21st, 2020. 

Childcare centres in Nunavut are at risk of permanently closing their doors to children, families and staff because of mandated COVID-19 closures and a lack of parent fee funding. 

Without adequate and immediate sector-specific funding, Nunavut is at risk of losing their childcare centres and their staff. 

When the economy re-opens in Nunavut, without childcare centres parents will face a lack of safe, regulated and subsidized childcare.

Parents will not be able to return to the workforce if childcare does not exist and the economy will continue to suffer. If you agree that Nunavut needs to support their Early Learning and Childcare sector, please sign this petition. 

Thank you!