Twin NB Route 7 from Grand Bay to Welsford.

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The 2 lane highway from one of New Brunswick's largest cities and indeed its industrial capital to the Provincial capital has come into disrepair. This route is vital for the movement of military equipment from Base Gagetown to the rail yard s and port in Saint John. This route is also a major route from Saint John to Fredericton. 

As this route is in such a state of disrepair, we the tax paying citizens of New Brunswick request the Provincial Government put our taxes to good use by improving the infrastructure of Route 7 by twinning the section from Grand Bay to Welsford.

The route has become so bad that RCMP officers have been witnesses driving the shoulder to avoid the potholes. In a province flirting with distracted driving laws, driving route 7 requires your attention to be 30 feet down the road instead of far enough ahead to maintain situational awareness. 


The base of the road has been so compacted by vehicles that hydroplaning isnt a risk, its a reality. I hydroplaned last year and put my truck in the ditch backwards 1 minute south of exit 80.

I contacted MLA Oliver to have this route addressed. We are now encroaching on July with zero action other than 2 signs being erected stating bumps next 4 km. That is unacceptable. Help me effect change and get this fixed.