Red Lights maintenance in Nepal

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RED LIGHTS and what they mean to NEPAL

I do not solely hold any traffic, politician or transportation authority responsible for this situation but I do hold responsible the good people that should have fought for the nation and the rights of its people. 

I cannot remember the number of times I've had to make an excuse because of traffic delay in our capital city. Today we'll look into Why that is. At first sight this may look simple enough. There are many cars and many public vehicles that cause roads to jam but is it really more complicated than that. we blame it on the less number of traffic officers or the increasing number of vehicles, but those entirely are not the reason. The traffic signals around and within the capital city should've been working but seem to be powered off.In a nation where 1 billion rupees can be asked additionally for the budget to sustain local level developments it seems money isn't the matter either. Where are the developments made if they are not helping better the lives of every Nepali citizen. It's known that traffic jams occur everywhere in the capital due to poor road quality but what about the quality of road services that are already made but have been lacking proper authority to maintain. Who is the one that upholds the road rules that have been added.
We individually may not face these traffic jams everyday but there are people who will suffer deeply due to this situation and someday we too will have to pay the price for caring less.

There are traffic officers working in this hard sun everyday through these jams and yet they are the ones that this blame has been shifted to. It is not possible for a traffic officer to work instead of traffic lights in this kind of a situation but that seems to be the core of the problem, the people responsible for this problem aren't being pointed out or investigated while hard working citizens and traffic offices are made to face the harsh reality of traffic in Nepal. situation.

If we really want to build a smart city or a country we first need to address and solve the problem that is making us dumb.

Is this what the value of our education has come down to ?