Offer Manitoba Schools an Online Learning Alternative

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Manitoba schools are facing an unprecedented challenge this fall. A global pandemic shut down the school system in March, and Manitoba’s proposed reopening plan for September is severely lacking. Students in K-8 are required to be back at school full time, 5 days a week. The province vaguely indicates distancing measures will be in place with no plan as to how that will happen in a school system that is overcrowded and underfunded to begin with.  Schools don’t have extra classrooms to spread out in, our teachers are spread thin and schools are busting at the seams as it is. 

While it is true that we must learn to live with the virus for a long time yet, our children can’t be guinea pigs for an all or nothing approach. There needs to be an in between option. A hybrid of part time in school learning mixed with online, or the option to do full time online would be a great step. Giving parents options helps everyone in the long run, reducing class sizes and those who choose to distance learn can, making things safer for parents who can’t offer that choice. 

Please Mr. Goertzen, Manitoba children and parents deserve to choose how to best keep their families safe right now. 

You can view the full provincial plan here: