Justice For Jamaicans Against the Jamaica Public Service (JPS)

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For decades, the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has been operating as a monopoly in our country, and has been subjecting the citizens of Jamaica to exorbitant and unconscionable electricity bills. In spite of the cries of the people, the billing rates continue to double and triple in many instances. The company has, so far, not fostered any positive discussions which have been favorable to all parties involved. Recently, they informed the Jamaican people to expect yet another increase in their bills; this increase comes at a time when most Jamaicans have either lost their jobs or have been experiencing a decrease in hours at work and subsequently, a decrease in income, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, the time has come for Jamaicans to stand united against the injustice that they have been enduring from the Jamaica Public Service. We need the Jamaican government, the OUR and the Consumer Affairs, to address this immediately. WE ARE TIRED!