Increase the Subvention to the University of Technology, Jamaica, Commensurate with Need

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My name is Cheryll Messam. I am a citizen and resident of Jamaica, and a Certified Professional Coach in the Life Coaching industry. In addition, I am an employee of the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Jamaica) for 15+ years. However, I created this petition as a concerned, private citizen of Jamaica, and as a joint owner of all national institutions, with all my Jamaican country-men and women.  The views expressed here are my own and not the views of my employer, the University of Technology, Jamaica.

In the 1990s after completing community college in the USA, I was not able to transfer immediately to University to complete years 3 and 4 of my degree, due to financial hardship. Consequently, I returned to Jamaica. At community college, I failed one subject—typing. When I returned to Jamaica and began my job hunt, it was challenging to find a permanent job. I did three temporary jobs for close to a year before landing a permanent job. I was able to get those three jobs, only because I could type.

Education is all important for the survival of an individual, and a nation.

The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Jamaica), just celebrated 60 veritable years of educational service to Jamaica and the Caribbean region (1958-2018). It is a Government institution established by an Act of Parliament. The University is facing financial challenges. An appropriate increase in the annual subvention from the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) can assist in alleviating these financial challenges.

The current subvention from the GOJ to UTech, Jamaica is approximately J$2.1 billion annually. It is calculated based on a staff size of 608 members.  However, based on the growth of the University over the past two decades, currently the size of the University’s staff is 1,440 members.  The University, therefore, faces difficulties funding its staff, among other items. It has appealed to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to assist in efforts to improve its financial position, by increasing the subvention from approximately J$2.1 billion to approximately J$4.97 billion. ( )

Whether the subvention will be increased by the GOJ, and/or the timeline for a decision on the matter, is unclear.

However, it is noteworthy that in the recently announced (2019) supplementary budget for 2018/19, the University of the West Indies, a regional institution, received an additional J$900+ million from the GOJ, while no increase was granted to UTech, Jamaica. (

In frustration on February 20th, 2019 all four unions at the University i.e. Academic, Administrative, Technical and the Students Union united to protest the GOJ’s historical under-funding of UTech, Jamaica. ( )

The GOJ is ultimately responsible for the sustainable development of all national entities, and no less responsible for safeguarding the future of UTech, Jamaica.

Please sign this petition and join me in Standing Up for UTech, Jamaica, by asking the GOJ to increase the subvention commensurate with the University’s need.


GOAL: To visibly unite at least 15,000 persons willing to Stand Up for the University of Technology, Jamaica in 30 days (March 9-April 9, 2019), and send a message to the GOJ that we ALL hold 'them' accountable for proper stewardship of our national University, UTech, Jamaica. Thanks for your continued support by sharing this petition with your own online community.