Petition to the Indian Government: Grant citizenship to Mr. Tarek Fatah

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Dear Prime Minister As I am sure you are aware, Mr. Tarek Fatah who is a Canadian journalist with roots in the Indian subcontinent, has time and again spoken of his desire to get Indian citizenship, He has relentlessly spoken against terrorism, the forces that threaten peace and stability in India and abroad, on Pakistani designs against India, and against the rise of extremism in religious thought throughout the world.

It was Mr. Fatah who was the first to raise the issue of renaming a road in Delhi which was formerly named after a tyrant and a religious bigot. Time and again, he has spoken for the oppressed and the weak, for Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave their homeland and become refugees in their own country; and Baloch freedom fighters who are fighting against illegal occupation and persecution in Pakistan.

It is only fitting that Mr. Fatah, who possesses great scholarship and a humanist attitude, and who is wholly deserving of being taken into the fold of Mother India's 1.2 billion children, be granted full citizenship on account of his great love for and faith in India's civilizational values.

I must clarify that I have no connection with Mr. Tarek Fatah, nor affiliation with any political party or union. It is only due to my great admiration for Mr. Fatah and my strong belief that as an Indian Mr. Fatah would be a great asset to the nation that I petition you, Mr. Prime Minister to consider my request.