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According to The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, in India, you can get away with being cruel to most animals by paying a fine of anything between Rs 10 and Rs 50. That won't even buy you a decent cup of coffee in most cities in this country. If you repeat the offence within three years, the penalty may go up to anything between Rs 25 and Rs 100. You could also be thrown in jail for three months. But that's about it.

The Animal Protection Act was passed in 1960, it's been a high time the laws are updated. 

Violence against animals, in India, has risen quite a bit over the year. Just this past year alone has seen a lot of animal cruelty, whether it was in the form of dragging dogs from a bike, raping dogs, to throwing animals off of a roof, or even burning them alive.

Recently, The News Minute reported an incident of 50 strays being sedated and burnt alive near Chennai. The reason behind this mass murder was the ostensible threat these dogs posed to the local goats and sheep.

In March 2016, A colony of ex-servicemen in Bangalore was left shaken after a woman named Ponnamma, killed an entire litter of 15-day old puppies to “teach the mother a lesson” for giving birth outside her gate. She reportedly flung them across the road with so much force that some of them were found with their intestines out. The mother of the litter, a stray dog fondly called “Ammu” by residents, was devastated, howling through the night, and trying to approach residents for help.

In July 2016, Gautam Sudarshan and Ashish Paul of Madha Medical College filmed a video of themselves throwing a brown street dog off a terrace. Why? For Fun.

That same month, the brutalised body of a female monkey was exhumed. Investigation found that medical students in Vellore had tied her up, burnt and beaten her. Scroll reported that “a stick had been inserted in her rectum and forced out through the front of her body.”

In 2012, 100 dogs were found dead in a dumpster in Maduravoyal after being made to consume cyanide pills.

Earlier this year, 50 community dogs were killed near the well-known Velankanni church in Tamil Nadu. Some of these animals were clubbed to death, while the others were strangled with a nylon rope. It was important for the roads to be cleared of these dogs for an annual festival, a prime tourist attraction, which was about to commence.

 Cows are tortured at dairy farms, sodomised and raped to enforced pregnancies to produce calves so they can steal their milk; Donkeys are forced to carry extremely heavy weights all day long which results in their broken spines crippling the poor animal permanently; Dogs on street being run over by vehicles and so on. This list of horror stories stretches on and it will get lengthier each day – until the law makers decide to mete out the harshest penalty for offenders of animal cruelty.

It is a scientifically proven fact that those who are cruel to animals, are likely to be cruel to humans too. Majority of countries have stricter laws for animal protection. For instance, in the US, for animal cruelty there's a fine of $1000 - $50,000 with a minimum punishment of 1 year extending to 10 years depending upon the degree of crime.

 So why not in our country?

It’s time for a change, before it gets too late. It’s time to make this world a better place for not just humans, but all the living creatures.

 Just as Mahatma Gandhi once said , "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals."

We as humans need to rise against animal cruelty. It is our responsibility.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!