Justice towards animal cruelty in india

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In recent years, we have seen tremendous growth of animal abuse cases in india; the latest animal abuse case of a pregnant elephant from kerala shook the people, the pregnant elephant was hungry and just wanted some food when some local people filled a pineapple with firecrackers and threw at her, she ate it and it exploded rightaway, after which she rushed towards a river and stood there calmly just to get some relief and died standing in river. Another case of stray dogs being beaten up brutally by some local people of nagpur just for fun. 

According to a recent report, in last 5 years over 19,000 animal abuse cases were recorded in india and unless a strict action is taken against the offenders these abuses and assaults on animals will never stop.

I request to all people reading this, please support animal welfare & rights, share such petitions on social media and protect animals around you.

Thank you