Immediate loss of licence and speedy action against the identified culprit in hit & run

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While ‘Hit and Run’ cases are very common in India, one can feel the actual pain only if a personal loss occurs. I write this with a heavy heart on behalf of everyone who has suffered from such tragedies. With a thousand tears, we all waved a final Good-Bye to a very dear friend Ved Prakash Khatri, a 30 yr old software engineer working in Gurugram who lost his life in a Hit and Run case in Modi Nagar, Ghaziabad on 1 September 2019 due to someone’s rash driving.

It is usually seen that the police have a hard time identifying the culprits as they probably manage to escape. However, if the details of the vehicle and driver are identified and confirmed by the police, the family and friends of the affected hope for justice. There are a few things I feel we should be incorporated in our country so that people would think of driving sensibly on the roads and understand the value of life.

I am starting this petition not just for my friend, but for the countless people who get injured or lose their lives and their affected families who strive hard for justice that is never guaranteed.

Speedy action should be ensured once the police have identified the culprit responsible for the cruel act. Even if this is a bailable offense, taking things at a slow pace will just keep the victim’s family and friends tensed.

Immediate loss of license once the person is identified is a must. Once out on bail, the culprit may again get going with the rash driving if action isn’t taken.

According to Section 304A, where the culprit gets punished for 2 years in case of the victim’s death, proper CCTV camera footage can be a trump card in such cases. Usually, it is observed that the culprit can get bail instantly and very easily, so a proper investigation where the culprit doesn’t even care to stop and look for the injured, a lesson should be taught instead of instant and easy bail. Someone has lost a life! The law is surely bailable but life won’t come back, my friend won’t come back, every single person who died in such cases won’t come back! But this bailable law will let the rash drivers kill more people and escape again very easily.

In countless cases, there were no CCTV cameras installed at the location of the accident. Unfortunately, no CCTV camera is installed on the ModiNagar road where Ved’s accident took place. Responsible authorities should ensure that CCTV cameras in proper working conditions are installed and monitored closely in such cases.

Please sign my petition for countless innocents who have lost their lives in such cases due to someone’s negligence and reckless driving. Unguaranteed 2 yrs of jail and monetary support to the victim’s family won’t bring their loved ones back. But we can at least make sure that tomorrow when you and I walk on the streets, we don’t need to be a victim or witness such incidents.