Boycott Chinese Products

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We have to boycott chinese products as-- 


--Trade figures suggest that India is the biggest importer of Chinese consumer goods. India imports almost seven times more from China than it exports to it. India has huge trade deficit with China – its largest with any country. In 2018-19, India’s exports to China were mere $16.7 billion, while imports were $70.3 billion, leaving a trade deficit of $53.6 billion.

-- Import of such items from China has been harming India's small and medium enterprises.

-- Quality concerns have also been cited as one of the reasons for the ban.

--Chinese products in the past have been found to be contaminated (baby food, lead in toys) 


--This would make customers to use domestic products

--Increase domestic revenue and boost to domestic industry especially MSMEs

-- Increase in competition among Indian products, could lead to quality commodities in the long run and could create self sufficiency in the future in line with Make in India

-- It will create huge employment opportunities in many sectors

--It will reduce dependency on china and make Indian goods even more competitive in the domestic market.

-- It will help reduce our import bill and save the forex reserves.