To increase the enforcement of garbage sorting rules and recycling in Greece

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“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” - that is one of the truest sayings, which we should never forget. Everything we do now will be left behind to our children and their children, and they will probably never be able to see how our Earth did look like before we started to pollute it endlessly! 

Living in one the most beautiful counties of the world, I am so grateful to be able to enjoy beautiful nature, clearest waters and beaches. BUT my heart is bleeding when I see all these plastic coffee cups at every corner of this beautiful ancient city! When every person can throw their garbage anywhere? And the most upsetting is the fact that nobody really sorts their garbage! They have blue bins at every corner but nobody bothers to separate anything! I really want this city, country and the whole planet to be clean and beautiful for or kids! 

What can be done? I think that the laws have to be more strict with fines to be paid if person doesn’t follow them. The awareness should be increased by promoting garbage sorting on TV and radio everyday! 

Please sign and share! Let’s make Greece cleaner than ever! Let’s help to preserve our Planet so our kids could be proud of us instead of being upset!