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Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is a very controversial subject matter and we believe that children as young as 4 must not be programmed with issues of sexuality. Children are innocent and must be allowed to grow in a very natural incorruptible process of mind activity.

We want Ghanaian children to know their moral values in society and be able to grow up with knowledge and information but in an appropriate manner that respects their traditions, faiths, culture and wellbeing.

Also giving parents, teachers and the public a say in the decision-making process pertaining to sex education.

If CSE is encouraged in Ghana it potentially would infringe on the rights of parents and children by:

1). Promoting a skeptical view of Ghanaian societal values

2). Rights of parents

3). Promote controversial lifestyles 

4). Not promote inclusiveness of all belief principles 

We therefore are petitioning government that it should make an apparent statement that the idea has been renounced.