Protect Haida Gwaii, and North and Central Coasts - Restrict Non-Essential Travel Now

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Concerned residents and members of North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii urgently call on all levels of government and relevant authorities to immediately STOP non-essential travel by road, air and water into our communities. 

We support our 18 First Nations and municipalities of the North and Central Coasts, our Federal MP, and regional medical professionals whom have all provided recommendations to the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia to restrict non-essential travel to our communities.

We, the undersigned, demand that The Government of Canada and The Province of British Columbia immediately START to:

  • Fully acknowledge the unique covid-19 risks to our region as identified by community leaders, regional medical professionals, and the undersigned residents
  • Collaborate with the various jurisdictional players and authorities to immediately start planning a response
  • Implement restrictions on travel to our communities opposed to the current provincial “recommendation” against non-essential travel
  • Take steps required by each level of government and relevant authority to fully monitor and enforce the restrictions on road, air and water travel into our communities

By acting NOW you will:

  • Stop the virus, and potential deaths, from being brought into our communities
  • Recognize these small communities are like none other in Canada  – the world comes in droves to us every summer to experience the vast wilderness, hunting and fishing
  • Ensure that tourists and workers from across the province and nation stop coming to our communities for vacations or non-essential work
  • Protect small communities with low, or no, health care capacity to handle a virus outbreak
  • Support the First Nations that are working to protect their communities with restrictions on non-essential travel
  • Demonstrate that you, as federal and provincial governments, and relevant authorities, care about the voices, well-being and safety of North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii residents of British Columbia.

Calls from our region are being ignored by the provincial and federal governments. We demand that our voices, and our leaders voices, are heard - Restrict Non-Essential Travel Now.


Some of the calls to action from our local community leaders, First Nations and physicians:

April 7 - Letter from the First Nations and Municipalities of the North and Cental Coast to Federal and Provincial Governments

April 5 - Old Massett Sets Up Checkpoints

April 3 - Heiltsuk First Nation urges outsiders to stay away after yachts arrive during B.C. coronavirus lockdown

April 2 - Skidegate Information Checkpoints

April 2 - Letter from MP Taylor Bachrach to Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans requesting Restrictions on Sport Fishing Licences to reduce non-essential travel

March 28 -Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry from former Chief Medical Health Officer for Northern Health

March 24 - Letter signed by 12 Prince Rupert Doctors Expressing Gratitude for Local Leadership 

March 22 - Letters from 8 Prince Doctors Voicing Concerns Needs and Recommendations