Canadian Voice for Healthy Canada - Pathway for siblings

Canadian Voice for Healthy Canada - Pathway for siblings

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Baljinder Taneja started this petition to Government of Canada and

Petition to the Government of Canada

·        Canada is a country that embraces every individual and their values regardless of their believe, age, gender, and ethnicity;

·        Canada has been embracing asylum seekers, students and foreign workers through different Programs;

·        For residents of Canada, whose family member(s)/Siblings are living in another country, it is very difficult for those Canadians to focus on their career, health and wealth;

·        Every year thousands of immigrants move to Canada with a hope of better life in Canada and dream to give the same life to their family members/siblings.

·        Back of their mind they are always thinking of their siblings who they can’t sponsor.  It makes a huge impact on their mental health.

·        They also send a portion of their income out of Canada to support their family members overseas;

·        Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) currently allows spouse and parents to be sponsored under the family sponsorship program and it should also allow for sibling(s) and their dependent(s) under the same program or another easy pathway like US or UK;

·        This would not be a burden on the Canadian economy, since the sponsor would be financially responsible for the person being sponsored; and

·        In fact, this program will boost the Canadian economy as most sponsored individuals would bring their money to Canada from overseas and it will help entrepreneur and like mind individuals to immigrate to Canada, which in return will create employment. Manadate to bring 20K for principal applicant and 5k for each additional dependant(s).  

Let’s say if siblings are allowed to be sponsored and 80,000 per year migrate to Canada. Each family on average will bring at least $30,000.00. Which will be invested in Canadian Economy. Plus Canadian Government will be earning $1150*80000 =? (Right of landing fee for family of 3). Plus, they will not be a burden on Canadian Government/Economy because they are moving to Canada to start a new life not to sit on social welfare and their sponsor will never want to break the sponsorship oath. I sponsored my parents and I made sure that my parents are well taken care off and never reach to a point where they have to apply for a social assistance. Of course, very first reason is I love my parents and take care of them, but second reason is I signed a sponsorship undertaking if I default that then I will not be able to sponsor anyone in the future.
All those people who worry about high school education is not enough to move to Canada. How do you expect a graduate or postgraduate to do a labor job? That is the reason Canadian employers have shortage of labour and people complain about everything being so expesive!!!!! Because the person who picked your garbage today is an Engineer no employer will give him a job in his field because he doesn't have Canadian Experience,
he doesn't have money to updat his education because he needs to feed his family plus he gave his lifetime saving to that agent who helped him to move to Canada

·        It will also help to reduce crime rate in Canada.  Right now, loneliness is very big issue because of which people’s mental health get affected in the absence of proper guidance and support from the family/extended family. And this loneliness can push them into bad company or criminal activities. Not everyone is open to take guidance from professional help. Extended families living in the same country can have a huge impact on our future generations’ mental health.

·        Living in joint families can reduce the financial burden from the Canadian Government for instance child care, Seniors care in case of a working couple.

·        We are not asking for something that is uncommon.  Our neighboring country U.S.A allows Citizens & immigrants to sponsor their siblings. United Kingdom also have a program for siblings.  Why Canada is behind and showing no compassion?

·        Sibling also ease loneliness later in life.

·        Research shows spending time with a loved one can help beat stress, and experts say siblings especially can help protect you from the negative effects of stress

.         This will reduce the fraud immigration applications.  Lot of people become the victim of fraud. Immigration consultants are charging 50K for job letters if you are applying for work permit, PNP or other streams that require job letters. Imagine our unfair policy is giving a fire to bribery in Canada. This must be stopped. How????  By giving an easy pathway to move to Canada. And bring that money to Canada.  It will definately give a boost to Canadian Economy. 

.         Since 3 of the Immigration Act makes it clear that one of the primary goals of our immigration scheme is to encourage the reunification of families, what better way to ensure that our population does not decrease to economically dangerous levels in the coming decades than to take this goal seriously? A global and humane definition of the family, in keeping with the models of "family" that exist in the cultures from which Canada draws immigrants would satisfy Canada's constitutional, sociological
and economic needs. More importantly, it would do an effective and honest job of reuniting families.

.            Policy makers and people might be worried about the chain immigration or uneducated people entering the country.  But that can be managed by having criteria set for education and other requirements. Like sponsored person will not be able to sponsor their siblings until they are under sponsorship undertaking.  Plus sponsor can only sponsor one sibling and their dependent(s) at a time. So that way Government can manage the chain immigration problem.  But having to totally slaughter sibling criteria from family category is cruel.

We, the undersigned, citizens and permanent residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to enact a law to allow any permanent resident or citizen of Canada to sponsor their sibling(s), including their sibling dependent(s) regardless of the sponsored person’s age, and income, as long as the sponsor person meets the set income guidelines, and has not been on any social assistance for the last 5 years and has lived in Canada for at least 5 years (this is just a projection. Number of years and other criteria will be decided by policy makers).


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