6 Months Paid Maternity Leave for Barbadian Women

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Our job as mothers influence the very fabric of society. If we are to have a society with well adjusted citizens, it's imperative that we take care of the ones who nurture and raise the children...the mothers. The first year is an absolutely crucial stage in a child's development and not enough time is given to mothers to nurture their child or themselves.

3 months is simply not enough time with a newborn for various reasons. As women, we go through vast changes physically, mentally and psychologically during and after pregnancy & we need a little more than 12 weeks to recover, bond and care for our little ones effectively.

Often when women return to work too early, we're overly fatigued & sleep deprived, yet we're still required to perform efficiently at work, come home and take care of a small child with immature sleeping patterns, as well as the household & More.

This creates problems both at home and work. Women are the backbone and foundation of every society and should be treated as such. Additionally, we are now being asked to make more children with little to no adjustments to make the process less strenuous.

We are hereby requesting 6 months of Paid Maternity Leave.