Twin Alberta’s Highway 3 to stop fatal collisions

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Too many preventable deaths happen on Alberta’s highway 3.  As southeastern Alberta grows, so do the deadly collisions that come with increased traffic.  For many stretches of this highway, it consists of two-lanes, meaning the ever growing heavy flow of automobiles are subject to just a few feet of breathing room between them and oncoming traffic.   This becomes a serious danger when road conditions are icy, snow covered, and/or the sun has set.  

As a citizen of this region, it breaks my heart to read and hear of collisions on this highway.   Serious and fatal injuries occur more frequently than they should.   As well, this increase of automobiles due to the development in this region means that during times of transportation of heavy loads, one must be on this highway longer.  

Twinning Alberta’s highway 3 would ultimately result in a safer highway, lowering the chance of head-on collisions, as well as more room for cars, transportation of goods, and large loads as the region grows.  

We’d like to kindly express our concerns to the Government of Alberta, and the Government of Canada.  With funding allocated from the provincial and/or federal government, deaths will be prevented, and southern Alberta will be safer.