Action for Alberta Hailstorm Disaster Relief

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Northeast Calgary and surrounding communities such as Airdrie and Rocky View County have suffered a great loss from the immense damage caused by a severe hailstorm in June 2020. Hail the size of baseballs ravaged homes, vehicles and other personal property. Over 1.2 billion dollars in damages has been estimated so far, with many situations NOT being FULLY covered by insurance companies. There is action that can be taken through the Federal Government that has NOT been prioritized by Alberta’s Government. The stress and loss that our northeast communities have faced is actively being ignored by The Government of Alberta, who has to power to secure a possible 5000$ (PER HOUSEHOLD) in funding for residents who have suffered this great loss. We are asking as a community that the Government of Alberta NEEDS to complete the application to the Disaster Financial Assistance Fund. This action will activate the needed financial assistance that can be provided by the Federal Government. This needs to be done before summer legislature break July 31st. Families are living with boarded up windows, holes in their roofs, written off vehicles, driving with no back windshield, leaks in their homes, and suffering mentally from the immense stress of this disaster. Please sign to get the attention of Jason Kenney, Government of Alberta, and Government of Canada to take sufficient action rather than sweeping this incident under the table. We need to stand together to get the adequate funding that we deserve as a community who has faced this disaster.