Make 'NARCISSIST ABUSE' a 'Criminal Offence in India'

Make 'NARCISSIST ABUSE' a 'Criminal Offence in India'

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Millions of us from all over the world are suffering or even killing ourselves because of this invisible insidious psychological abuse. We deserve validation and justice just like any other victim of insidious crime. I’ve been a victim of severe Narcissist Abuse for over many years and the impacts are life-changing, depression & horrible. So many woman/men suffer in silence most people don’t even understand what 'Narcissistic Abuse' is.

I am overhearing many cases of Narcissistic Abuse, Crime, Criminal Behaviour, Physical Abuse, Self Injury, Divorce Cases & Suicides In India & All over World. Narcissistic abuse ranges from Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual, Mental, Financial, Fraud, Theft and Physical Violence

** PLEASE NOTE:  We receive so many emails pleading for legal help, advice, or assistance.  This is a petition to raise awareness and in hopes to create laws to protect victims of Narcissistic Sociopath abuse.  If you need immediate help PLEASE go to your local domestic abuse shelter, police, family/friends, or Legal Aid (Very Important).  If you have the financial means, just get as far from your abuser as possible. 

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder characterized by a long-term pattern of exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy toward other people.[2][3] People with NPD often spend much time thinking about achieving power and success, or on their appearance.[3] Typically, they also take advantage of the people around them.[3] Such narcissistic behaviour typically begins by early adulthood, and occurs across a broad range of situations.[3]

The condition of NPD is included in the cluster B personality disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).[3]  Therapy is difficult, because people with narcissistic personality disorder usually do not consider themselves to have a mental health problem.[2] About one percent of people are believed to be affected with NPD at some point in their lives.[4] (Source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

1.     Now a days Narcissistic Abuse is as a Crime & Criminal Behaviour.  Physical abuse is punished so should be ‘EMOTIONAL’ abuse as well, mind it..!


  • Some victims committing suicide because of narcissist abuse
  • Some loose their jobs, houses and money are stolen from them
  • Destroy Your Relationship
  • Loneliness in society
  • Isolation and inability to defend themselves deprived of HELP
  • Claiming credit for your hard work
  • Feel loser
  • Saying it's all your fault, 
  • Publicly humiliating you,
  • Spreading false rumours about you and your family to Relatives, Neighbors, Friends, Unknown people connected to you and even get in touch with Your Facebook Friends, & doesn’t stop. People have no idea who she was, by the way, but that didn’t matter to Narcissistic. Lies, and more lies. 

Narcissists are the most cruel and heinous of all disordered persons. They hurt you and hurt you and leave you unable to function because of the abuse and they walk away, leading their new life hurting the next victim while we are still struggling to survive.


  • Domestic Violence or Psychological abuse !
  • Some rott in street homeless, lonely, desperate because of the manipulation of the Narcissists !
  • Some have to live with PSTD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) all their life and die early than they should !
  • People are robbed of their own life and ABILITIES to defend themselves because Narcissists LIES and CHEAT the system all the time by MANIPULATION


DON’T ever underestimate the breakup maneuvers of a narcissistic partner. A narcissist’s end game tactics are varied. If she/he still sees value in the relationship he may try to win you back so she/he can resume her/his control and abuse of you.

Some narcissists were described as reacting vulnerably (i.e., "You can’t leave me" OR "You aren’t worth, I’m walking on and I’ll make sure all of our friends, relatives know it" & many more..)

Brutal Signs You’re In Love With A Narcissist

  • They're all about control
  • They rage — a lot
  • They lie. About everything
  • They often have this weird giggle
  • They're obsessed with their reputation
  • There is no such thing as boundaries
  • They have a cognitive inability to empathize
  • They don't change
  • They replace relationship with someone else with your nicknames, wedding venues and vacation spots,etc
  • They're Einstein and you're an idiot
  • They're often super-attractive
  • They Finds Another “Bedmate”
  • They Does Things to Run You Off
  • They say you're perfect ... until you're not
  • They're incredibly jealous of others
  • They're big on threesomes
    No, not those kinds.

Narcissists love to set up "triangles" where their partners feel "at odds" with someone else, and jealousy and fighting for love and attention can ensue (ah, the supply!).

This could be with an ex, a mother, or a friend, but the point is to make sure they're at the center of attention and desire.

This is known as triangulation and it's meant to make you feel insecure, undesirable, and keep you anxious and "on your toes."

  • They're prone to cheating
  • They use sex as a weapon.
  • Verbal Attacks Escalate to Physical Abuse 


The divorce is very brutal with Narcissistic or with their Guidance. They lied about everything to anyone who would listen, especially their attorney and the judge. They bury in paperwork and false accusations. They will manipulate in every step. They wants to win in any manner, for that they can create & take any killing situation. They want the truth to prevail.

  • By engaging you in a court battle, the narcissist is still using you to feel powerful
  • He or she wants you to capitulate
  • He or she is in it to win it
  • He or she is a game player
  • He or she doesn’t tally emotional losses


The results showed that 87.3% of Narcissist Women and 83.3% of Narcissist Men had a personality disorder at the time of committing the crime.

Participants were incarcerated for violent (e.g., murder, severe physical assault, domestic violence, aggravated robbery, illegal gun possession) and nonviolent (e.g., fighting, drug-related crimes, burglary, document fraud) crimes.


Third party use by narcissistic as Context & Behalf of narcissistic abuse called FLYING MONKEYS (Popular Psychology) (Source -  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Flying monkeys[1] is a term used in popular psychology mainly in the context of narcissistic abuse.[2] They are people who act on behalf of a narcissist to a third party, usually for an abusive purpose (e.g., smear campaign).[3][4] The phrase has also been used to refer to people who act on behalf of a psychopath, for a similar purpose.[5][6] The term is not formally used in medical practice or teaching.

Abuse by proxy (or proxy abuse) is a closely related or synonymous concept.[3][7] The term is from the flying monkeys used by the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 film Wizard of Oz to carry out evil deeds on her behalf.[6][8]

Flying monkeys can be anyone who believes the narcissist's fake persona including the narcissist's Daughter, Spouse, Child, Friend, Sibling or Cousin.[2][9] According to popular psychology author Angela Atkinson, flying monkeys are usually unwittingly manipulated people who believe the smears about the victim although they may be another narcissist working in tandem.[4]

According to narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) author Sam Vaknin, and other writers, proxy abusers can come from a number of sources:[3][7][10]

·       the abuser's associates

·       the victim's associates – manipulated to side with the abuser

·       authority and institutional figures – manipulated to side with the abuser.

The flying monkey does the narcissist’s bidding to inflict additional torment on the target.[3][8][10] It may consist of spying, spreading gossip, threatening, painting the narcissist as the victim (victim playing) and the target as the perpetrator (victim blaming).[3][8] Despite this, the narcissist does not hesitate to make flying monkeys his or her scapegoats when and if needed.[9][11]

The flying monkeys may make it seem like the narcissist is not really involved, and they likely have no idea that they are being used.[3][8][11] Multiple flying monkeys act as a mobbing force against a victim.[3][12]

7. Narcissistic Mother + Children = Instability

Children experience continued psychological whiplash being raised by a narcissistic mother. You realize she controls with the threat of withdrawal or rage. Full of Drama, Try to harm herself, Manipulation, Create harmful incidence to attract child sometimes even that doesn’t happens to them, Jealous on Children and doesn’t like that she or he like someone more than them,  Your father goes along to get along, or is long gone.

Here are some characteristics of a narcissistic mother: 

The socially engaged mom becomes the controlling mom at home. She’s no longer the woman wearing the perpetual smile that never falters, at least in everyone else’s eyes. She is demeaning, criticizes, and lets you know in more ways than one that you are not up to her standards.
She makes you feel like a failure if you’re not doing what she wants right now. Your mom is really good at manipulation, especially when your emotions are involved. If you aren’t fulfilling her desires to make her feel like her needs are of utmost importance, be prepared to experience pain in the way of criticism or an attack. And, if you are looking for validation, you may be waiting a long time.
She is easily offended, claiming that she does so much for you. If you don’t give her what she wants, she‘s upset and pulls the “you don’t love me because if you did, you would do what I wanted” card or she’ll simply accuse you of taking her for granted and not appreciating her as a mother. She might compare you unfavorably to someone else who is “good” to his or her mother.
She is privately opinionated, blasting people, while being more forgiving in public. Mom needs to look good in front of everyone, even if she isn’t too fond of them. She is charismatic, smiles and even chats with them while saving her criticism for home.
She finds fault in you. And when you make it right, you barely get validation. “I’m sorry Mom” is never enough with her and you can never figure out how to please her with an apology.
She makes you anxious, not filled with self-confidence. She makes you feel inadequate, even if you do something that deserves praise. We all need validation, especially early on in life. A narcissistic mother can instigate self-doubt in everything that you do.
The world revolves around her. Your mom has to be the center of attention at all times. She needs to be waited on and adored and expects you to provide her with all of the above and more.  
Yet we all require maternal love.

The consequences of being raised by a narcissistic mother can be subtle or dramatic, often affecting adulthood. Neither the mother nor child may realize this until then. Remember that children must adapt to their early childhood, and the way we do it influences who we become. Mark Banschick M.D. (The Intelligent Divorce)

8. No one should ever have to feel that taking their own life is the only option to be free of their abuser.
To prevent this type of abuse happening to others, the following are proposed as Shanes's Law:

a.   Immediate and Permanent No Contact restraining/protective orders in place to protect victim for life. (Abusers continue contact to reenter victims lives after 1, 5, 10 years or longer, for Narcissistic Supply).  Supervised child exchanges for those having to co-parent with an abuser. They think they are better than everyone else

b.   Abusers to face criminal charges, up to and including jail time and limited to no access to online services. (To prevent hacking of personal/financial/credit accounts, cyberstalking, online smear campaigning, harassment, and attempts to locate and monitor the victim).

c.    In the event that a victim's death/suicide is a result of NPD abuse, i.e. verbal, mental, physical, stalking, harassment. Abuser is to be held accountable and charged.  The law below needs to apply for ALL states!

(Example: ****An involuntary manslaughter charge can be brought in Massachusetts when someone causes the death of another person when engaging in reckless or wanton conduct that creates a high degree of likelihood of substantial harm.)

d.   Inability for abuser to use the legal/court system for frivolous charges, false accusations, or using the legal system to further harass their victim/s.  Thorough investigations required. (Narcs accuse their victims of doing to them, what they are, in-fact actually doing to the victim. Narcs also tend to manipulate their own attorneys.) In the event abusers do not abide by standing legal agreements, stiffer punishments for not doing so.  (Narcs do not abide by rules or laws, because they truly believe laws do not apply to them. This is why they continue to harass, stalk, and abuse even with standing legal orders in place.)

e.   When NPD abusers behavior contributed to loss of employment for victim; restitution to victim/surviving family for loss of income, potential income, and all that is included when employed. i.e. retirement, pension, etc. 

9. People ask: “Is this narcissistic or is this simply passive-aggressive?”

So what is passive-aggressive behaviour? And how does it cross the line into being narcissistic … or is passive-aggressive behaviour simply narcissistic anyway?

Wikipedia states it as being this: Passive-aggressive behaviour is “a type of behaviour … characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation.”

I truly do believe that all narcissists operate in passive-aggressive ways, because being passive-aggressive means this – rather than being open and honest about what that person is feeling, or working in with people honestly, or asking for what is required personally, they express displeasure through actions instead."

It Should be Taught at School, Then To Police, The Social Workers, The Government ,The Judge , The Court ,The LAWS

I want this abuse to be explained before they start intimate relationships, and for it to be made a criminal offence for these men/women to abuse their Mother/Partners/Friends/Family’s/Colleagues with this sort of abuse.

**This abuse is wrong on so many levels and something needs to be done now the longer it goes unheard unnoticed the worse it will become and the more people that are likely to get narcissist personality disorder please help make a change so people can know this is wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone in any circumstances no one should have to go through this horrific abuse**


In UK, the serious Crime Act 2015 Section 76 does actually deal with emotional abuse, coercive and controlling behaviour and pretty much most of the typical narcissitic behaviours and abuse. So yes you can go to the police and potentially have them arrested, and yes they could go to jail for up to 5 years. Yes 5 years in jail 

America may soon have their own law there is a petition at the moment called Shane's law for the states.

Many countries are come up with strong law so that the physically and mentally people are going in depression and killing themselves.

The law should always protect people from people who throw stones, visible or not.

Help to protect victims and save lives by sharing this petition.

Please, help create a new law to protect victims and save lives by signing and sharing this petition.  

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