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To allow Pit Bulls the same homing rights as other dogs in the area.

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Pit bulls are naturally a docile breed. Canine breeders created the pit bull to actually look mean without having to deal with messy aggression when it came to protection. They were also bred for "Canine Nanny" positions for royalty and other elite families, meaning that it is their very blood to be a family oriented dog and protector.

We as a society have placed a restriction on the wrong recipient and it is my wish to reverse this action and to re-assess who really needs the restrictions. I believe that certain legal restrictions should be put in place and that certain requirements be met by prospective pit bull owners to restrict the ability to have a pit bull by just anyone on an individual bases in an attempt to eliminate all the dog fighting and canine negligence which leads to an aggressive nature instead of putting a restriction on an animal that cannot speak for itself and have its voice heard.

Ask yourself this, if you were raised to know nothing but violence and negligence, would an aggressive nature be instilled into your mind? This very nature that is widely spread as a "breed specific" issue can and does happen to every breed and every species, humans included. We need to stop judging based on the outside package and start helping based on the inner beauty that every breed of dog and every human is capable of. If we as humans dream of a world that is free of persecution and free of prolific judgment, this is were it begins! It starts by breaking down the walls that we put in place to restrict an animal that cannot speak for itself. If we don't help them, then why do we deserve to be helped?

At the end of the day, nothing can point to bad rational thought from an animal incapable of such rational thought, meaning that the problem has not, is not and never will be evident of an aggressive animal. The root of this problem lies in the level of love and care given by dog owners, or the lack thereof. Restrict people from having them by means of background checks and rigid requirements, don't restrict the animal. 

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