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My son Johnny is serving a fifty year sentence of which he has done Twenty four years. We are in the State of Florida and he originally received a life sentence (there is no parole in FL) we were able to win one of his appeals, but since you are required to go before the same judge that originally sentenced you, the best we could get was fifty years with a fifteen year mandatory. My son was convicted of robbery w/o  weapon, no body was harmed during the commission of this crime. We are now petitioning the Governor for clemency since he has almost twenty five years DR (disciplinary report) free.

At the time Johnny committed this crime he had a very bad drug addiction. The Court ordered three psychiatric evaluations and they all stated that he needed drug rehabilitation which he never received, as the judge chose to ignore their findings even though he was the one that ordered the evaluations.

During his Twent four years of incarceration he has used his time productively. He became a certified welder and is also a certified dog handler. He has completed the faith based program and belongs to life path, he completed Crown Financial Ministries, anger resolution, men of character, is in the Gavel club, Kiros, the dog program twice and is still an active member of AA.

He served in the U.S. Navy before going to prison.

As you can see Johnny has not spent the last twenty four  years sitting around doing nothing but instead has made use of his time in a way that has prepared him for re-entry into society. He made every effort to join all of the programs available to him and maintained good conduct throughout in order to access these privileges.

He accepted responsibility for his crime from day one. He pleaded guilty even though his attorney advised against it. He regrets what he did, not just the crime he committed but also for any emotional trauma he may have caused the victim. Johnny has turned his life around and regrets what he did, not just for damaging his own life but also the lives of his family and the victim.

I am asking everyone to please sign this petition to help Johnny regain his freedom, he has served twenty four years for a non violent crime....ask yourselves HOW MUCH TIME IS ENOUGH? I think the answer is clear. Please help bring Johnny home to his family as soon as possible.

God bless all who support this cause. HOW MUCH TIME IS ENOUGH TIME?

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