Save Greens Lake

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We need your help to save Greens Lake from drying out! GMW (Goulburn-MurrayWater) are making changes to the lake like built new flushable toilets, there making a bridge over a channel and building new bbq area but they aren’t doing one thing that needs to be done and that filling the lake!! They are letting the lake run dry it’s only at 30% and only dropping more and more as the months go on and they won’t put any water back into it and it will be really disappointing seeing this lake get all these new and exciting thing and it just go to waste. If you have been out here you know how amazing it can be and how many people get out here with there family and friends with there boats and jet ski’s and even people getting out there fishing as the lake has been stocked with fish from last year! So please take your time to sign this petition and help save Greens Lake!!