Got 15 Minutes to Save Our Country?

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Dear Fellow Citizens:

As most of us innately sense, our country, the United States of America, is at a critical juncture in its history.  We also know that we, collectively, somehow are in control of its future.  The question most of us have is:  what can just one individual (i.e., me) do?

Glad you asked. It so happens that the Founding Fathers graciously left you (and all of us) all the tools we need - 15 of 'em.

So, if you, as I do, love this amazing country of ours and desire to preserve our democracy for future generations, I have a simple request. It is time for you and me and all our citizens, “We the People,” to re-focus our attention on 15 founding principles and necessary complementary ideals. 

And, by spending just 15 minutes a day (wait a that really too much to ask for your country?? Come on, know you can do it) focusing your thoughts on the following ideals, you can be part of a powerful movement to change our country’s trajectory.  Really. (Read the update to this petition below called, Wow, It Works! for a story proving it does.)

So, here are the 15 crucial ideals necessary to preserve our timeless (and truly brilliant) form of government:

Rule of Law
The Common Good

If you agree that these are basic ideals that should continue to govern our country’s future, simply sign this petition.

In doing so, you commit to spend one minute per ideal (only 15 minutes each day - and that's NOT really too much to ask for your country - you probably already spend that much time in line at Starbucks, and you could do this while there and make the time fly by!) simply focusing your thoughts, hopes and dreams on each ideal. That’s all I am asking you to do. If you can’t spare 15 minutes, then pick the 5 ideals that resonate the most with you, and give 5 minutes a day. It will matter. 

You can do this anywhere – in your car, in the shower, while at lunch, sitting in a boring meeting or while standing in line at any store.  It's that easy!   If people ask you what you are doing, simply smile and tell them and ask them to join you. This simple act of collective focus (whether you prefer to call it the “quiet strength of meditation,” the “power of prayer,” or just the “goodwill of well-intended people”) will shift the dynamics of our country’s path forward.

You can engage in this simple civic act either alone or in concert with a group, which I encourage you to seek for support and to strengthen our communities (calling all teachers, ministers and civic leaders!)  Again, it matters not whether you call it meditation, prayer or just wishing for the best – our collective focus on these ideals will start the shift that is needed to bring our country back to its rightful moral foundation built upon the highest ideals mankind can offer.

And, *as an added bonus,* you can think of these 15 ideals as "yardsticks" you can use to measure current events and news articles.  As you read a story or someone mentions a political topic to you, ask yourself:  is it the #Truth? Does it reflect #Wisdom? Does this demonstrate #Courage?  Promote #Unity and #TheCommonGood? etc.

If you believe in this country and the power of a people united in thought and intention to make positive changes, then join me in focusing our collective thoughts on these ideals and in demanding our leaders (ALL of our elected or appointed representatives – federal, state and local - and our elected or appointed judges, respective of Party affiliation) to think, speak and act in accordance with them.

Thank you for joining me - be sure to follow us on Twitter (@toSaveUSA) and share this petition with three of your friends ( - do it for yourself and for your children and theirs.

We are all in this together.

Your fellow citizen,

Paula Atkinson

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