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We want Balochi language in Google Translation

Balochi Language Facts:

  • 10 million native speakers (2017)
  • Spoken by 0.15% of the world population
  • Mainly spoken in Iran, Pakistan (Balochistan), Afghanistan, southern Turkmenistan, Oman and Middle East countries.

Balochi is the principal language of Balochistan. There are several other minor languages which are spoken at the ethnic borders of Pakistani and Iranian Balochistan (Sistan and Baluchistan).

Balochi has several dialects. Linguists agree on the following two major dialects: Eastern Balochi and Western Balochi.

Eastern Balochi

The eastern Balochi dialect is spoken from Karachi northwards up to Dera Ismail Khan and to the Suleman Mountains, including the Marri Bugti areas. And amongst the Baloch of Sindh, Derajat and Punjab, and the north west frontier province of Pakistan. This dialect has borrowed several Sindhi (including Saraiki) and Pashto words and has also contributed to the vocabulary of the said languages.

Western Balochi

The western Balochi dialect is spoken between Karachi (Pakistan) and Kerman (Iran), among the Baloch of Turkmenistan, the Sultanate of Oman, the Khorasan province of Iran and Sistan (Iran-Afghanistan). The dialect has borrowed several words from neighboring languages such as Turkmen, Persian, Pashto and Arabic.